Vegetable chef Nicolas Decloedt creates vegan pizza for Otomat

Discover our "No Cheese Go Nuts"

No Cheese Go Nuts

Vegetable chef Nicolas Decloedt of the famous Brussels’ restaurant Humus x Hortense has created a new vegan pizza, perfectly fitting to Otomat’s quirky Belgian pizza repertoire.

As of October 19th, you can taste the new “No Cheese Go Nuts” at all Otomat branches. It features Fermentino vegan cheese, made from macademia and cashew nuts. Accompanied by a cauliflower puree with red miso, smoked paprika and piment d’espelette. Furthermore shiitake mushrooms for extra umami, pickled cauliflower, roquette, capers, barbecue sauce and fried onions.

“I love to show people that you can cook perfect tasty dishes without having to use fish or meat”, quotes chef Nicolas Decloedt. “I don’t like to use the word ‘vegetarian or vegan’ to avoid people thinking they’re missing something on the plate. I want to make them discover new tastes”. That’s also why we at Otomat have put our vegan pizzas among the other pizzas on our menu, and not in a seperate section.

Looking for a tasty beer pairing? We suggest Saison Dupont or our own Barrel Aged Pale Sour (only available at our Merode branch). Cheers!

Photo credits: Gilles Draps

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