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What we promise

  • A fun, inspiring workplace
  • A diverse and inclusive team
  • Training to suit you
  • To make good use of your talents
  • Autonomy, involvement and skill – we love it!
  • A pleasant drink together after a busy shift ;-)

Meet the family...

This is how it all began at Otomat: 5 friends had the bright idea of doing something really special with pizza... That idea became a cool restaurant serving truly original Belgian pizzas, surprising beer pairings and, especially: a place where everyone is welcome and can feel at home. It all began in 2015 in Antwerp and since then, Otomat has expanded to Ghent, Leuven, Bruges and Mechelen! If you’d also like to be part of our close-knit family, keep on reading!

Fancy a job in hospitality? Yes, please!

How can we get you excited about a job in hospitality? We are proud of the fact that we come to work at Otomat every day along with over 200 enthusiastic colleagues. We start with your talents and then seek out the right place where those talents can be put to good use. That way, you can develop and grow as part of our company. And all that comes with a healthy topping of (Otomat or Notomat) friendliness, flexibility and fun!

"We don’t take ourselves too seriously and you can say anything you want here."

At Otomat, everyone on the team has a different personality and take on life – and that’s what makes it so much fun. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and you can say anything you want here. In fact you can simply be yourself with us.”

- George, Manager Otomat Ghent

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