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Our mission

As a pizza restaurant with a different angle and a big chunk of ‘belgitude’, our daily task is to make sure that our customers enjoy the best moment of their day with us.

Otomat is the sum of everyone who is part of our team.

What we promise you

  • We hire for attitude and train for skills
  • Your team is made up of people who have the same values and standards. We promise that you will be happy over the long term at Otomat.
  • You’ll find yourself part of a dynamic growth story in which, in addition to on-the-job training, you’ll find plenty of room to take on extra instruction that is geared to your talents and ambitions. You can pick the courses you want and attend them at a time that suits you.

Your talents

  • Hospitality flows through your veins, enabling you to evaluate customers perfectly and always stay one step ahead of what they need.
  • Because you are a fluent and clear communicator, you find it easy convey your knowledge and enthusiasm to your team. And you’ll help direct ‘newbies’ to becoming fully-fledged pizza troopers.
  • A healthy portion of people knowledge means you know everyone on the team ‘inside-out’. You know where their strengths and talents lie and you make good use of them during every service. Everyone is at their best when they can do something that they excel at.
  • When things get really busy, you maintain a cool overview of everything and are able to set priorities.


  • A full-time contract of 38 hours per week
  • Variable working time roster
  • Appropriate pay according to PC 302 category 5
  • Start date to be agreed mutually
  • Address: Simon Stevinplein 12, 8000 Bruges

Application procedure

  • Apply here and complete the values survey (15 min). That way we can find out what makes you happy in a working environment and whether you are on the same wavelength as the team.
  • The manager wants to hear you talk about what you think is important about your next challenge and will explain our way of working to you.
  • Come and work with us for a day. There’s no better way of finding out whether you feel at home as part of the team/ Otomat.
  • And if it’s a match? Then let’s go!

Did you know...

  • That half of our shift leaders go on to become assistant managers, F&B managers or even managers?
  • That OTOMAT operates an inclusive and diverse HR policy? All qualified applicants will be considered without us judging them on gender, sexual orientation, skin colour, religion, national origins, disability, age, etc.


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