Send your love ‘With love from B’

Our famous ‘witloof’ pizza (‘with love’ 😉) is available again, how perfect to send your love to someone special…
Want to send your own pizza with a message on the box?

Here’s how:

1. Log into @deliveroo_be⁠
2. Search and select the address of the loved one⁠
3. Choose Otomat on Deliveroo⁠
4. Select a pizza for the loved one (and maybe a drink & dessert?)⁠
5. On ‘Order notes’ (opmerking bij bestelling), type #messageinapizzabox + the message for your loved one⁠
6. Go to checkout and add the name of your loved one in the box ‘instructions for driver’ & pay! ⁠
7. That’s it (+maybe send your loved one a message something yummy is coming their way)⁠

Want to see an instruction video? Click here.