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Sunday (and public holidays) - Thursday 12:00 - 22:00
Friday - Saturday 12:00 - 23:00

No booking required at Otomat!
Simply come along and we’ll find a nice table for you.
Advance bookings are only possible for groups of 8 or more.
Call us on 02 303 61 61 or send an e-mail to to make a booking for your group.

Always welcome at Otomat Merode!

Our capital of Europe could definitely handle an additional Otomat, which is how the second Otomat in Brussels came into being in 2020. Located on Tervurenlaan, close to the Merode metro station at the Jubelpark or Cinquantenaire Park and just a stone’s throw from the European quarter. There’s a huge terrace and plenty of room inside. This is definitely the place to take care of your next pizza craving in Brussels!

Barrel Aged Pale Sour

At Otomat Merode, we have an exclusive beer maturation room. In addition to Liefmans Goudenband and Kriek Brut, we also let our own ‘Barrel Aged Pale Sour’ age to perfection. We use Pale Sour ale from the Liefmans Brewery to make it. We buy old whisky, rum or bourbon barrels and allow the beer to mature quietly in the barrels for 2 to 8 months, in our climate-controlled maturation room. The wood of the barrel usually contains around 1 to 2 litres of whisky, so that as the process proceeds, the flavours of the beer and whisky blend with each other. Every 2 weeks, we take a sample to make sure the beer is developing nicely and that all is well. Only when we are totally happy with the taste we pump the beer out of the big whisky barrels into smaller 20-litre barrels that we can then connect to our draft beer system. A truly unique beer that you really should try!

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