Are you fascinated by hospitality and want to contribute to the growth story of Otomat?
Then get your teeth into this great managerial role!

Our mission

As a pizza restaurant with a different angle and a big chunk of ‘belgitude’, our daily task is to make sure that our customers enjoy the best moment of their day with us.

Otomat is the sum of everyone who is part of our team.

Your role

As a restaurant manager, you’ll work with your team to ensure the restaurant operates smoothly. You put your team first and are well aware that a satisfied customer is the direct result of a happy team. In addition to your natural flair and nose for hospitality, you can also switch smoothly between your roles as leader, manager and coach.

What we promise you

  • …we promise to be an academy for you. We will continue to invest in knowledge and innovation.
  • …that your team will consist of people who have the same values and standards. We promise that you will be happy over the long term at Otomat.
  • You’ll find yourself part of a dynamic growth story in which we will put together a training programme for you based on clear expectations. We also promise you a tailored career pathway based on your talents and ambition.
  • …your own participation will play an important role in the way we work together.

Your talents

  • In the role of COACH, you have an eye for the development capabilities of each member of your team. You will provide feedback from a non-hierarchical position. Everyone can take the time to raise their concerns with you and you will work with them to find a solution together. You will define learning goals with your employees and take the appropriate action so that each person can put their talents to good use in your restaurant. In conjunction with the HR manager, you will establish a career pathway based on each person’s potential.
  • As a LEADER, you will motivate your team by communicating Otomat's vision and values in a clear, unambiguous and inspiring manner. You will set the direction, with the aim of achieving your objectives. You will encourage them by inspiring them and you know that a decision that is supported by everyone is a more effective decision. Involvement is created by making your people capable of managing themselves. But you always ready to take on responsibility at times when it is called for.
  • As MANAGER, you will run your restaurant by planning, organising and facilitating things well for your team. You will evaluate and make adjustments when necessary. You bear ultimate responsibility for ensuring that your people and resources perform to the best of their ability. The manager sets priorities and coordinates everything based on the talents and skills available in his or her staff.
  • In your role as a PIZZA-LOVER with an edge, you know that positivity and humour is a key that can open many doors.


  • A full-time contract of 38 hours per week
  • Gross / net overtime
  • Variable working time roster (after all, you’re the one who will set it up)
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Appropriate pay according to category 8 - PC 302
  • Start date: to be agreed mutually
  • Address: Vismarkt 8, 2800 Mechelen

Application procedure

  • Apply here and complete the values survey (15 min). That way we can find out what makes you happy in a working environment and whether you are on the same wavelength as the team.
  • We invite you to tell us about what you think is important about the challenge to come and will explain our way of working to you.
  • Come and work with us for a day. There’s not better way of finding out whether you feel at home as part of the team/Otomat.
  • Fill in a DISC assessment. This will give us a good idea about how you like to be treated and what your preferred style is.
  • And of it’s a match? Then let’s go!

DId you know...

  • That OTOMAT operates an inclusive and diverse HR policy? All qualified applicants will be considered without us judging them on gender, sexual orientation, skin colour, religion, national origins, disability, age, etc.
  • That we think it’s okay to make mistakes? Every mistake is an opportunity to learn something.

Ready to sink your teeth into this deliciously crunchy job?


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